Why to Teach in the Language Training Center in China


ESL teaching jobs are becoming more popular since 2000. A lot of foreigners with corresponding qualifications come over to teach in China. There are various choices, like public school, kindergartens, international schools, universities and language training centers. I think training centers have the biggest demand of ESL teachers. Let’s analyze the reasons of teaching in language training centers.

Competitive pay
Different types of schools have different scale of pay. International schools offer a higher pay, but they require more qualifications and teaching experience. Language training centers are very flexible on something. The pay usually starts from 10,000rmb per month. Some could offer 16,000 or 18,000rmb depending on your qualification, and their need. If everything is working well except the pay, training centers usually make some comprises, as long as they can afford, but usually no higher than 18,000rmb.

Smaller class size
Language training centers have a smaller class size, from 5 to 15 for each class. It’s easier to control and interact with each student. The class will be more fun and kind of free style. Sometimes you may have your own curriculum or add your idea.

Students are usually more eager to study
Language training centers receive both kids and students, adults. They have more definite goal to achieve. Kids are sent to study in a training center, meaning parents attach importance to their English study, and public schools couldn’t satisfy them. Middle or high school students go to training centers for some exams like IELTS or TOEFL. Adults study for their business.
Above are my suggestions about teaching in training centers.