Why to Teach English in China


Many foreigners like to teach English in China. So what makes it appealing?

China has a very large English education market. According to data from Ministry of Education,around 36 million students enrolled in all kinds of English institutions last year. Education for English is in short supply in China. Most native speakers can easily find a good job in China.

Here are mainly five reasons to teach in China.

Students. If you imagine a group of crazy students throwing pens and shouting in the clasroom, that’s definitely not in China. When you walk in the classrooms in China, you will marvel at how respectful they are. In China, teachers enjoy high respect and honor. The identity of a foreign teacher will only makes you more respected and you will find that not only the students reply on you, even you will worry about how to say goodbye to them when go to next grade.

Salary. The salary of foreign teachers in China is pretty high. Most full time teachers can gain an annual salary of 120,000-200,000RMB. In top international schools in Beijing, a teacher with rich teaching experience can even get 240,000-400,000. However, Chinese teachers only get 60,000-120,000RMB per year. In addition, most schools also provide free accommodation for foreign teachers. It’s usually a single modern apartment with one or two bedrooms. Medical insurance, round tickets,bouns are also offered. Imagine, it only costs 6 dollars to drink beer one person when going out for dinner with friends.

Employment market. Nowadays, there are thousands of vacancies for foreign teachers. The only requirement is native speakers with a degree. Even those whose second language is English can also teach in China.

Experience. Teaching English in China can be the most rewarding and pleasant among your overseas experiences. It’s a fantastic process to see your students learn and grow up with time passing by. Having the opportunity to live in foreign countries is the most important memory in your life. And China can’t be more “foreign”。

Opportunities. Once you have gain some actual teaching experience, you will be surprised at the job offers you can get in China, even all over the world. You can not only easily get a teaching job, China also provides other positions for foreigners, such as tutor, model, marketing, business, etc.