Why to Teach Adults for Teaching Esl Jobs


Teaching esl jobs exist in many non-native English speaking countries. China is a great country and has wide openings of teaching esl jobs. There are different types of schools, teaching both kids and adults. Teaching kids and adult students is a little different, and has their advantage and disadvantage. I will give some reasons for teaching adults as an ESL teacher.

Firstly, communicating with adults in English will be easier, since they have some foundation of English. Though come couldn’t speak much English, they can still express their ideas with body language. There won’t be big language barrier while teaching in class.

Secondly, adults have mature thought and behavior, so it will be easier for the foreign teachers to control the class. They also have stronger willpower and execution. You don’t have to worry too much about the class discipline.

Thirdly, adult students have more definite purpose of learning English. They know what they should do and what level they need to achieve. They have to pay for the schools or training centers. Therefore, they will try to make their cost worthy.

Fourthly, adults have similar way of thinking and behaving. You may communicate with them about everything if you want, like history, culture, travelling and opinions of different things. You may become close friends with them, go out with them for shopping or travelling or have a coffee in a quiet place and etc.

Anyway, teaching adults english is not a bad choice.