Why to Find Esl Teachers Jobs in the North of China


When asking where you would like to do esl teacher jobs in China, most people will say in the south, because the north is very cold and polluted. Maybe they don’t know north well. I don’t think north is as bad as they thought.

I have been living in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, northeast of China for several years. It’s very comfortable. Actually, there are several advantagesto do esl teacher jobs in the north.

Many people say south is warmer, north is cold. It’s true, north is cold outside in winter because it snows. But if you teach in a school, you will defintely teach indoors. There will heat indoors, makes the rooms very warm. However, inc the south, though it’s warm all year round, but the temperature of indoors is colder than that of the north. You can use air conditioner to get the room warm, but it doen’t work well as heat and not very healthy. In the south, you only experience one or two seasons, but in the north, you can experience all four seasons. Spring is warm, summer is hot, winter is cool and winter is cold. Isn’t it interesting? Besides, in winter, you can walk and play in the snow, how romantic! If you live in Harbin, there is Harbin Ice And Snow Festival. You can see all kinds of very beautiful works of art of Ice sculpture. A friend in the south told me that she never saw snow, only on TV. That’s a loss of fun.

If you come to China to do esl teacher jobs for the first and don’t know any Chinese at all, then north is definitely a better choice of you, because most people here can speak Mandarin. In the south, people of different provinces and cities have their own dialects. It’s very hard to understand them if they don’t speak Mandarin,even if you are Chinese. Many of them can’t speak Chinese. So it may be hard to live if you don’t speak Mandarin and they don’t know English. If you work in the north, teachers in schools all communicate in Mandarin, you will learn some from daily communication. And some schools are very happy to have someone to teach you Mandarin or provide free Chinese lessons.

People in the north are very enthusiastic and straight forward.They don’t like to play tricks on others. If they don’t like something, they will speak it out. People in the south are delicate. They know how to hide their feelings well and don’t let someone read their mind easily. So people are easier to get along with in the north if you do esl teacher jobs there.

The cost of living is much cheaper than that in the south. Some people say the salary in the south are higher, but they didn’t think about the consumption level. You need to think how much you will save rather than how much you will get. Beijing offers higher salary, but the comsuption level is 2-3 times as high as the north. For example, the rent for a single apartment in Shenyang is around 1500RMB,but in the south, it costs 2000-3000RMB.