Why to Do Esl Teaching English in Universities


Many people who want to do esl teaching English are always not interested in universities because of the lower salary. Actually, there are also many other benefits for esl teaching English in universities.

Students in universities have a good foundation of English. To enter the universities, they need to pass the College Entrance Examination. There is a new policy for English. English is not longer tested in the College Entrance Examination. High school students can take English exam twice a year. That’s to say they can have six English exams and choose the toppest grades to be included to the total marks. What’s more, every university will have their own requirement for English. Only students who meet the English requirement can enter their universities. So university students basically have good understanding of English and your classes can be carried out easily.

Secondly, doing esl teaching English in universities is real teaching. Many people work in training center teaching kids like 3-12 years old.It’s not real teaching. They need to sing, dance and play games with kids so that they can learn things well. But university is a higher level. You are considered as a real teacher in universities. You can discuss your teaching materials with your students thoroughly. You can teach them real knowledge, which they can used for their future development. This will make you feel your teaching is meaningful.

Universities have smaller class size than public schools. Usually, there are 20-30 students in each class in universities. Students are 18-22 years. So it’s eaiser to manager the class. Other public schools, such as primary school have a class size of 50-60 students. And younger kids are likely to talk a lot during class.

The workload is very light in universities. The workload is 16-20 classes per week, no office hours. You will have a lot of free time to travel and explore the city. There are also summer and winter holidays. You can go to visit other cities in China. And universities usually have longer summer and winter holidays.

Some people say that the salary for universities is low. It was low several years before. Schools offered 5000-6000rmb. But now, it’s different. Most schools can offer 8000-10000RMB or even higher for some subjects teaching. You can easily find a part time job on weekends if you want to earn more. Usually you are offered 200-300RMB per hour for part time job. If you have one class as a part time every day, that’s 30*200=6000RMB. Plus the salary you get from university, it’s easily to earn 15000RMB with very low workload. In training center, you need to work 40 hours per week to get 15000RMB.

So if you like more free time while doing esl teaching English, university is the best choice for you.