Why Tefl teaching Jobs are so Popular in China


Recently, with the rapid development of national economy and culture, China’s overall strength has significantly risen.There are more and more international trades. In order to adapt to the trend of globalization, English, as a tool to communicate with other countries, is a necessary course to learn. Now in order to learn Englsih better. schools in China are hiring foreign teachers. Therefore, tefl teaching jobs are very popular in China.

It’s a a valuable opportunity to experience native English and improve communication skills by talking with foreign teachers face to face. The main purpose for us to learn English is to communicate with foreigners fluently and get more information, because Englsih has become a world language. Therefore, tefl teaching jobs are increasing in China. It’s the best way to teach English. Their intonation ,speed and cultural words are what we are going to learn.

Another reason for schools to provide more tefl teaching jobs is because of the teaching method and style of foreign teachers. They can always quickly establish a kind of English thinking between teachers and students. Even if the English level of students is low, as long as they stay with a foreigner for three days, you can go out to buy food in English directly, because your living environment is full of English. You don’t have to force yourself to remember and repeat same things again and again. So this kind of teaching method is more appealing to students. It is what tefl teaching jobs aiming to achieve.

In addition, when schools are looking for teachers for their tefl teaching jobs, they will find qualified teachers. They will learn about his personal background, teaching experience and education background. Bachelor degree and over 2 years teaching experience are required. Foreign teachers also need to have one of those certificate-TEFL,TESL or TESOL.