Why some outstanding foreign teachers can not find suitable ESL jobs in China?


Since I worked as a recruiter, I got contacts of thousands of foreign teachers who are looking for ESL jobs in China. They are from different countries. They are native, non-native, white,black, experienced, inexperienced, arrogant, modest, domestic, and foreign. Every day there will be many foreign teachers come to me to chat. Some are to find a job, some are to pass the time.


The first one is a girl from Kenya. She is young and beautiful. It can be said that she is the best looking girl among the African women I know. Last year I received her resume and information. She has a bachelor degree in education, a teacher qualification certificate and teaching experience. The more important is that she studied in the United States to study, so her accent is particularly pure. She was particularly anxious to find a teaching english job in China. I helped her to find a few training schools, but because of the nationality and race, she was rejected. But I think she is very qualified and there will certainly be schools that do not care about her background. So I have been trying to find something for her. Finally God helps those who help. There is an Anhui school. They like her experience and accent and agreed to hire her. The school offered 10000RMB for salary. But it took too long to find this job that her visa is going to expire very soon. So she has no way but to give up this opportunity and go back home. A few days ago she told me she is now back. She got a one year work visa with the help from a school in Zhejiang, so she can only work in Zhejiang Province. She is a Christian, so she must go to church to pray on weekends. She can only work from Monday to Friday. No doubt, these conditions add a lot of difficulties to find a a job, so she is still looking for employment now.


The second is a girl from the Saudi Arabian with white skin, big eyes and look very European.  Her accent is also very good.The first time I talked with her, I thought she is from European countries. And later I know she is from Saudi Arabia and now a university in Zhejiang school. She has not graduated, so can only do part-time work. At that time, I found several training centers that are close to her school. The teachers are very satisfied with her,whether it is appearance or accent. However in the end they did not hire her because of the working time. It was very pity.


The third one is a handsome guy from the United States. He has a bachelor of education as well as teacher certificate. What’s more, he has more than 10 years of teaching experience in China and speak good Chinese. I thought he had Chinese classes in China,but he said no. Before his mother opened an international school in China, he has been teaching in China with his mother. He met a lot of Chinese friends and learned to speak Chinese gradually. Later, because of lack of investment, he was forced to sell the school to a company and then returned home. Now he wants to come back to teach English in China, but his salary requirement is more than 20,000RMB after tax.He can come back immediately if there is a right job.I recommended him a lot of schools, but they do not meet the wage requirement. So now, he is still trying to find. Now more and more teachers ask for very high salary, which is not common in China’s ESL jobs market. Some teachers, as a recent graduate want at least 20000RMB after tax for just teaching English. It is a little ridiculous. Honestly, most schools don’t like this kind of teachers even if they can offer that salary, because what the teachers care most is money, not teaching.


It is not easy work to match the requirements of Foreign teachers with schools. It is subject to a lot of conditions. Teachers may not meet the requirements of schools and schools may not meet the requirements of foreign teachers. It is also possible that both sides are very satisfied, but there are some unsolvable objective reasons. In short, the existence of these problems led to some outstanding foreign teachers now have not found their own jobs.