Why is China the best country for you to teach in?


China, a big dragon attracts foreigners. Nowadays more and more foreigners join Chinese labor market. The highly competitive, as well as attractive and bright, modern China becomes an excellent place in the world to start up and develop your career.

Jeffrey, 31, UK: Right, it was a tough decision for me at first, as China is quite far from the U.K. My parents were shocked to know, I signed up for an English teaching job in Shanghai. I tried my best to calm them down. And you know what ? I like it here! I feel I’m a part of something huge. Jeffrey, one of ambitious foreigners, coming to China this day tells me. There are three important things every foreigner should remember while starting career in China. Respect local customs, he said. Yep, you are a guest, so respecting local traditions and behavioral habits is essential. Study local habits from observing, that is the fastest and the easiest way. No one tells you how China works, – Jeffrey says, – as no one actually knows. So open your eyes and study. Your experience is what you see. Second is not less important as the first one: study Chinese, at least, spoken. It will make your life much easier and comfortable. The language and a positive attitude to things around are two golden keys to unlock this ancient and steady country. The third one is the way you teach. It’s not enough to be a qualified teacher, it’s crucial to find qualified for parents and your Chinese leaders. Ask questions, do it if any concerns. Jeffrey: “You are a part of a huge educational machine, which is developing, rapidly upgrading every minute. Don’t try to change the way machine works, because it goes like that in my country. One more time, you are a guest here, try your best to understand local people’s demand and finally you’ll get what the customer needs. It’s not the boss, it’s the customers that pays us money, right ? “Jeffrey works 18 hours a week at his training center and he’s quite happy. He says he now has even more free time than he did in Manchester, the place where he’s from. The company arranges Chinese classes for him and other foreign teachers, as well as parties and professional development trainings every month. Jeffrey: “ Honestly, I think China is much more ahead of Europe in educational issues now. My strong advice is to come here and try it.” Jeffrey’s girlfriend, also British, joins him next month. Things look like go great for this nice guy.

Alia, 25, American: I started my career in Wenzhou, it’s south-east of China. My first impression was quite controversial, as it was my first foreign trip. Well, you know, I teach at a primary school, have about 3 classes every day. That’s a private school, so classes are usually small. Are kids naughty ? Kids are kids everywhere, so a real teacher is someone to help them go the right way. Yes, they want to have fun, but they come for studies and my intention is to make them like my class, as well as study everything according to a national curriculum. I spend about 2 hours every night to surf the net for appropriate activities for tomorrow. Of course, you should control your mouth and never go for offensive things to tell kids, as they can copy from you really fast. That’s not that kind of English I want them to study from me. Alia spends her second year in Zhejiang province and she doesn’t plan to move. Her company located in a downtown, arranges 11 days vacations for her every summer, and she can ask for unpaid extra days off if she needs. Alia is a travel addicted, and she already visited dozens of places in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Harbin, Macau, Shenzhen, Chongqing and others. Today Alia got a free yoga card from her boss, and she’s really delighted. They care about me, and I try my best to give them nice active efficient classes.

Many people tell me, it was surprisingly easy for them to find a good job in China. Of course, requirements are high enough as China is a competitive society and the government wants best to join the market. You need at least a bachelor degree and ESOL teaching certificate to start. The electronic system allows to check the validity of your papers fast, so please act consciously and avoid cheating. Honest and responsible behavior can win a good attitude for you, and that’s what you really need here. “ Losing face”, (destroying your good reputation because of your intended unwise actions) is a central part of Chinese business culture, so act appropriately from the first minute you are here. Being one of the world economy leaders, China welcomes foreign guests with an excellent airports, romantic environment of ancient Shanghai and a pulsing life of Hong Kong. Delicious local food and internationally looking night clubs, as well as convenient sport centers and amusement parks, are for every foreigner to come and try. Yes, China has a long nice story to tell everyone. Here’s a place you can create your own and find a thing you are looking for to feel a real happiness. Just do it.