Why Do Foreigners Choose China to Do Esl Jobs


In recent years, the number of foreign teachers in China increases rapidly. Foreigners enthusiasm of coming to China for esl jobs doesn’t have the tendency of slowing down. Relevant survey shows that China has become the world’s “favorite destination for expatriates,” What attracts foreign teachers ?

Economic reasons.
This year more and more domestic schools, enterprises and training institutions and other employing units are hiring foreign teachers in different ways, we can imagine the market is very broad in China. Chinese people believe that foreigners can help their students improve their English faster and more easily. Chinese schools have a very high demand for foreign teachers. They are happy to offer a competitive pay to get a good foreign teacher. Besides, some foreigners couldn’t see their future in their own countries. This attracted a number of foreigners to China for an easier and better life.

Comfortable environment and respected position.
Chinese foreign bureau has the relevant provisions of providing good environment and favorable salary for foreign teachers. For one year contract, all the basic benefits should be included, like the airfare, the apartment with all necessary facilities and other subsidies. What’s more, the position as a english teacher in China is regarded as a respected profession.

Experience life.
Some foreign teachers like to live in different countries, to experience the life of different countries, to feel the different social customs and different cultures.

Love China.
Some foreigners worked in China and met different people, made friends with them. They love the Chinese people. Some foreigners traveled to different places of China, and enjoy the scenery and culture. They love the Chinese culture and scenery. Some foreigners are offered help before, they couldn’t forget how friendly Chinese people are.

Anyway, the most important reason might be the economic reason.