Who Can Get an EFL Teaching Job in China


Many foreigners send Sunrise emails asking whether they can get an EFL teaching job in China and whether they can apply for the EFL teaching jobs. Here I’m going to let you know who can get EFL teaching jobs in China.

First, you need to be an English speaker. If you are a native speaker, you can get an EFL teaching job in China, no matter whether you have a BA degree or not. However, if you are not a native speaker, you may get an EFL teaching job in China, too. For non-native speakers, you need to have a TEFL/TESOL certificate to prove you have the ability to be an EFL teaching job.

Second, you’d better well educated and like to take challenges. Although it’s not hard to get an EFL teaching job in China, you need to be prepared to take challenges. Because the environment is totally strange to the EFL teachers who are the first time to live in another country, especially in some cities in China, where not too many people speak English.

Third, prepare documents for Z visa. The school will inform you what you need to get a Z visa and prepare everything they tell you. Generally, it takes at least half month to get the Z visa. Therefore, get prepared.