Which Country Should You to When You Want to Take a Job Teaching English Overseas


When ESL teachers told Sunrise they have not decided which countries you would like to go, I always tell them that China is a country most ESL teachers would come sooner or later. Why would I say that? Not only because I am a Chinese, but also because there are most jobs open for ESL teachers in China.

You may want to know how many jobs open every year in China. Honestly, I don’t know the exactly number here, but I can say the number of job open is much larger than the number of ESL teachers working in China. As the large number of ESL teachers is needed in China, the market of ESL teacher is attacking more and more foreigner teaching in China. China also becomes the hot place for ESL teachers to take a job teaching English overseas.

There are also other reasons to convince you to take an ESL job in China, when you are struggling with which country you should go to take a job teaching English overseas. First, China is a big country and has five thousand years history. If you are interested in Chinese culture, you can come to China and experience in person. If you like to travel, you can come to China. There are many places that you can go. If you like to try different food, you must come to China. There are thousands of foods that can make you feel you are in the heaven of food.

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