Whether there should be probation period while teaching English in China


As Chinese teachers, we are all familiar with the work rules in China. When we enter every company, there will be a 1-3 months probation period. During the probationary period, we hope that all the new staff will be able to work hard and get familiar with the job responsibilities so as to adapt to the new family as soon as possible. However, in the recruitment of foreign teachers, where there should be probation period or not?


In our recruitment of foreign teachers, more than half of the ESL teachers basically do not agree with a probationary period. In order to recruit foreign teachers smoothly and successfully, schools can only revoke the probation period and make the probationary treatment equivalent to the formal salary after the probation. For foreign teachers who have more than five years of teaching experience in their mother tongue countries, they do not want to have a probationary period. They think that they can fully adapt to the job and the probation period of the school is a disrespect for foreign teachers. Therefore, whether we have a probationary period or not? There was a school in Shangqiu, Henan. The teacher has more than 10 years experience in teaching ESL in China. But this public school insisted on a month probation period, but the salary and treatment are the same as after probation. But no matter how we mediate in the middle, the foreign teacher did not agree with such a probationary period. In the end,this school didn’t cooperate with the teacher from the United States successfully.


Encounter excellent ESL teachers from English speaking countries, we still suggest that schools judge if the foreign teacher is qualified for the job based on his years of teaching experience, fulfillment of previous contracts and personality. We can all believe that they have the ability to teach English in China.If any problems appeared, the first thing is to communicate, but can not think of responsibility in the foreign teacher side.


Foreign teachers are expected to fully understand school’s considerations. Schools simply want foreign teachers to obey the school’s entry rules, no other ideas. This is common in China. Some teachers think this is unfair. The purpose of the probationary period is to maintain the interests of both parties. For the employer, with the agreed trial period, they can conduct a more comprehensive evaluation of the employee. For employees, you can get to know the employer during the probation period and think if you are suitable for the job. If not, you can find a job as soon as possible for your own.


For other foreign teachers who have a little accent and whose teaching experience is a little, schools can not confirm that foreign teachers are not qualified for this position. Moreover, in the course of the work, the problem is not easy to be resolved.Therefore, we need to give foreign teachers probation period. Because this situation happened before. Foreign teachers appear to get along with the problems in interpersonal relationships. The school wanted to cancel the contract, but the foreign teacher refused to leave.


Some teachers are afraid that they can’t pass the probation period. It is not as difficult as you thought. The probation period is for you to adapt to the new school and working environment. Most schools will provide some training so that you can get familiar with their teaching methods. As long as you follow the school’s instructions, everything will work out fine. Schools also hope that you can pass it and stay there longer, after all, they have put a lot of efforts and money in hiring a teachers. They certainly hope it will be good. So as long as you don’t make big mistakes, like fight, insobriety,etc, you will pass it. But teachers should know before signing the contract that for some schools the the salary of probation is 1000-2000RMB lower than after probation so as to avoid further disagreement about the salary after arrival. Both schools and teachers want to avoid problems if they can before moving forward.


Here is some more information on probation period for your reference when you teach English in China. The first one is how long the probation period should be. It should be noted that the probation period should be included in the labor contract period. It is a part of the labor contract and it shall not exceed six months. The same employer and the same workers can only agree a trial period once.If the term of the labor contract is more than three months and less than one year, the probation period shall not exceed one month; Labor contract is 1-3 years, probation period shall not exceed two months. Contract lasts over three years, the probation should be no more than 6 months. The second thing is if the school is free to extend the probationary period. This is a case. The probation period in a contract is 3 months. The company doesn’t terminate the contract after three months with the employee. In stead, they extend the probation to another three months, saying it is because of his mistakes in the work. Then the company’s practice, in fact, is a unilateral change in the terms of the labor contract.