Where can I Find the Overseas English Teaching Jobs


There are some websites that you can go to search for overseas English teaching jobs. Most of them have English teaching jobs all over the world and classify jobs by countries. I’ll make a list of websites that may help you get overseas English teaching jobs later.

It’s always easy to find the overseas English teaching jobs. However, after you get the websites, a lot of questions come to you. How can you find the reliable jobs from thousands of jobs? Most of jobs on the websites are from the agencies, very few from schools. There are two kinds of agencies in China. One agency charges agency fee from schools. The other agency deducts the agency fee from your salary.

Let’s start from the first one. Agency charges introduction fee from schools. If you get an offer from one school that the agency introduced, you’ll have an interview with the school directly and sign contract with them. You’ll get paid by the school every month. However, if you get a job introduced by the second agency, you’ll sign contract with agency. Your salary goes to the agency first. After agency deducts amount of money, then it will go to you.

When you read to here, you may want to work with the first kind of agency. However, how can you tell the first kind and the second kind? You can ask the agency directly how you get the salary from school or agency. And also when you sign the contract, please read carefully who you are signing with. If you think it’s complicated, you can go to www.sunriseesljobs.com .

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