When’s the Best Time to Look for Tefl Jobs in Asia


Knowing when is the best time to look for tefl jobs asia can get your more opportunities and increase the chances of being hired.You need to take several factors into consideration.

First, you need to make sure when you are ready to go. If yourself even don’t know when to go, then it’s hard for the agencies to help you. Because different schools have different starting time. So you need to have an approximate date for coming at least. Your starting time may ne affected by some factors. First, if you are qualified to go. In China fro example. degree is necessary. And some schools require tefl/tesol certificate. So if you have spare time, it’s better to study a 120h online tesol course.

Second, how much notice you need. If you are employed now, you need to give several months notice in advance. Third, how long the visa application takes. In China, the visa application takes around 4-6 weeks. You also need some time to prepare the documents such as degree natorization, background check and medical check. If you want to start soon and come with a Z visa, then it’s best to get those documents done in advance.

Third. The starting date for tefl jobs in Asia depends on which country you will go. In Taiwan, the peaking time is aroound June and July. In Japan, the peak time is from January through April. In China, public schools start in September or March. But schools will start to recruit teachers 2-3 months in advance, so the peak time is July, August for starting in September. If for March semester, it’s better to look from November or December, because schools are usually off work for winter holidays in January and Feburary. And the Spring Festival is in Feburary, it’s the most important festival in China, no one will still work. But it also depends on what kind of school you want to work in. For training centers, the starting time is flexible. Many of them need teachers all year round.

Fourth, it’s defintely true that if there are more opportunities, there are more chances for being hired. But the competition is also fierce. If you are well qualified teachers with degree and many years teaching experience, this is not a problem at all. You can easily find a nice school during peak time. But if you are not qualified, why not apply when there is less competition?People are less likely to apply in Decemeber because of the Chritsmas and New Year. Most people like to apply after graduation in summer.