When You Take a TESOL Teaching Job in China, What do You Need to Know


With more Tesol teaching jobs opened in China, more and more ESL teachers come to China. Then what do you need to know, when you take a TESOL teaching job?

First, you need to figure out whether the school you’re going to work has the authority to apply for work visa for you. There are some language centers or kindergartens who can’t or don’t want to get the work visa for you making you work illegally in China. However, it’s really difficult for a foreigner to identity the authority. A reliable agency is a good helper for this part.

Second, prepare all the documents needed for work visa, such as clear criminal record, passport and so on. Generally, the school you’re going to work will assist you through the whole process of getting a work visa. It takes at least half month.

Third, make sure everything you discuss with the school included in the contract. Contract is everything you get to protect your rights. Remember to write down everything in the contract.

Fourth, pack what you need and get ready to go China! Packing is a big deal for foreigners coming to China. It’s also very hard to say what you should pack up. I’ll say you need to pack some medicine that you often use and others that you think you couldn’t get in China.

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