When is the Best Time to Find an English Teacher Job in China


As we all know, more and more foreigners come to China for teaching. English teacher jobs now have a very good prospect of market. However, that when you find a job will make a difference. Let’s discuss the best time to find an English teacher job in China from three aspects.
First, different types of English teacher jobs have different start dates. For instance, public schools, universities and international schools usually start the new semester in August or September and February or March. Private language training centers don’t have a specific start date. They recruit foreign teachers whenever needed. Therefore, if you want to work in a normal school with weekends off and vacation, the best time to search an English teacher job should be around three months in advance.
Secondly, if you are new to teach in China, it will take around one month to find a suitable position. Maybe you are not familiar with the process of searching an English teacher job or don’t know much about Chinese schools, and probably don’t have a clear direction. Some are even deceived by some illegal agents because they know little about visa policy. All of these factors should be taken into considerations before looking for an English teacher job in China. However, if you have taught in China, I believe everything will be clearer and easier. You will have a more thorough understanding about everything. So you might get a teaching job within a week under the smooth process.
Thirdly, different schools have different plans of recruiting. For those popular schools with better conditions, they usually will not recruit foreign teachers too early. It’s easier for them to find teachers with a alluring pay or good location. If you start looking five or six months in advance, it will be more difficult to find a good school. Some schools will feel unsecured to find teachers too early, since those teachers might have troubles to deal with before they start a job or change their mind for some reason.
In conclusion, looking for an English teacher job around three months in advance should be a proper time. No matter you want either weekends off or find a teaching job more smoothly in the future or find a good school, it is a good time. I believe you will have more options if you do so. Wish you have a good experience finding an English teacher job in China!