What’s the difference between public schools and training centers in China?


There are a lot of schools in China that are looking for foreign teachers. Many people don’t know the education system in China and are not aware of the differences between these different schools when they come to find efl jobs, so they often get confused and don’t know which one is more suitable for them.


Training centers are not like the public schools that have the reasonable time schedule and they are mostly very busy with the work and you are required to work in the evenings and on weekends, but you will have 2 days off per week and it is not on weekend, normally it is on Monday and Tuesday. Therefore, working in the training schools can always keeps you very busy, and you will not have so much free time for you and your family, but of course it also pays higher salary which you deserve. So if you cares about the salary too much, then you can think about the training schools jobs and it will be very helpfull for you. But at the same time, you also need to be ready for the pressures to work in the training schools, you need to obey their regulations and also the time schedule, so you must get used to working at nigh and also work on the weekend too, so this is the normal and commen things to work in the training schools, it is all the same regulations and time schedules, no much differences.


When you work as a teacher esl in a trainig center, in addition to the basic resposibilities, you are also expect to provide assistance such as counseling for students and supervising test and exams and giving level tests. Furthermore, the teacher esl shall attend an orientation, training program, and staff meetings and prepare for their classes as required. In some schools, the teacher esl is also required to interview new students and evaluate their placement level. It’s a must to give Demo class to clients and students if necessary.But there will be demo bonus.


As i know that not very much foreigners teachers wants to work in the training schools because of the unreasonable time schedule. Tso they even prefer to work in the kingdergarten than the training schools cause at least in the kingdergartens they don’t have to work in the night and also they don’t need to work on the weekend, so you have your weekend all free and can enjoy the weekends with your family and your friends, so this is good thing and most foreigners teachers like it, so thats why they more like to work in the kingdergartens than the training schools. However, there are also some foreign teachers who don’t care about it, as long as there is a job offer for them so they are willing to take it, and no matter what the jobs is and no matter where the job is, they will always like to work in them cause they just want to get a job as soon as possible. For training centers, each class has 10-15 students, and some classes are one to one tutor. So if you are with little teaching experiennce, I suggest you to teach in training centers, as the class is easier to control. And there will be a Chinese assistant in training centers. Anyway, working in the training schools is also a good options to make, you can take it into the considerations if you would like to take the training schools jobs, anyway it is not that bad, you can always get higher salary with working in the training schools, so this is very good and also a good job offer to think of, so you better take you time with the job that you are choosing, and think if the job is really suitable for you and if it is then you should move forward to it, and no doubt and no questions the jobs and yourself, you should just take it with the confident.


As for the job responsiblities in public schools such as primary, middle and high schools, the teacher esl is sometimes also requested to attend staff meetings. They also ned to keep attandance records. For public schools, they always provide teaching materials and textbooks. The teachers should follow the curriculum. And at the end of a semester, the teacher esl also need to give tests. It needs to be a standardized test. But no matter what kind of school you are working in ,the basic responsibities of a teacher esl is to prepare lesson plans and teach English. The lessons may include oral English, grammar, listening, writing amd reading. The purpose of teacher esl is to help the learners communicate in English effectively.