What Qualifications are Preferred to Get high-paid “Esol Teacher Jobs” in China


Most foreigners prefer high-paid tesol teacher jobs when they want to teach in China. However, not so many foreigners can get very good offers, like 20-30k per month. The normal salary is much lower than 20k. Now I’m listing some qualifications that are preferred or required by Chinese schools that can offer a high salary, from my several years’ experience in this field.

Educational background
Master’s degree in teaching or education is of course preferred, some schools require this. A teaching credential from one’s native English speaking country is also a big plus. This teaching cert is different from a TEFL , TESOL or a CELTA certificate. Graduating from a prestigious university is also preferred. If you major in math, physics, or some other specific subjects, you can teach a specific subject rather than English. International schools usually offer a top salary than all other types of schools. They usually need a foreign teacher that could teach all major subjects including math, science, writing, reading and etc in a primary school. The pay could be 25-30k at the highest end. If you prefer to teach older students, then international high schools are suitable. They usually need subject teachers like, A-level math, physics, chemistry and biology teacher, some also need literature or history teachers, science subject teachers are needed more often though.

Teaching experience
General schools or training centers don’t require a lot of teaching experience, but high-paid international schools do require some related teaching experience if you want to teach in their primary school or high school. To be a teacher that could teach most subjects in a primary school, you should have at least two or three years’experience in an international primary under the similar curriculum. If you want to teach science subjects or liberal subjects in a high school, you also should have some related teaching experience under the similar curriculum.

The most basic qualification is that you are from a native-English speaking country.

You can take a DOS position, managing teachers and academic courses, marketing and etc.
That’s my opinion for those who want to get a high-paid ESL job in China!