What Kinds of Jobs for ESL Teachers are Available in China


With the increasing number of ESL teachers coming to China, the market of jobs for ESL teachers has grown to mature. The jobs for ESL teachers have been specified to private schools, public schools and international schools.

Private schools include kindergartens and training centers. The jobs for private schools are the most common jobs for ESL teachers in China. As the job open time is very flexible for private school, you may get an ESL job from private school anytime. There is one feature for training centers every ESL teacher should know is that the days off for training center are at weekdays not weekends. Therefore, if you would like to take weekends off, please don’t get a job from training center.

Public schools include primary schools, middle-school schools, high schools and universities. Salary for public schools is not very high for the market of jobs for ESL teachers, but the benefit is pretty good. The open time for job is usually at the spring semester or fall semester. Many ESL teachers like to take an ESL job at public school because public schools are more reliable.
International schools are the most popular schools for ESL teachers in China. The salary is the most at the market of jobs for

ESL teachers in China. And the benefit is also the best. Therefore, the jobs are very competitive.

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