What is the Difference Between ESL Jobs Board and ESL Jobs in Your Own Country


With the increasing English learners around the world, more and more native English speakers go aboard to teach English. Then what is the difference between ESL jobs board and ESL jobs in your own country?

First, the teaching environment is vastly different from you own country. I don’t know other countries, but I can introduce the Chinese teaching environment here to you. Classes in China are more like lecture-based, not too much group discussion like western style. Therefore, it’s easier to prepare classes in China. In Chinese cultural, students show a greater degree of respect to teachers than you might have thought. This is also a reason why many ESL teachers love to teach english in China.The parents of students also show great respect to teachers in China and they will invite you into their homes or treat you to little gifts when there is festival in China. This is part of Chinese cultural, and while some might feel uncomfortable sometimes.

Second, Chinese are very friendly. There are no days off on weekends for most public service places and entertainments places. You can enjoy your time anytime anywhere. And people in China are very friendly. They are very nice to foreigners.

Third, Chinese food is really good. Many foreign teachers like to teach in China because of the food. The really authentic food you can only enjoy in China. And because of the large of China, every part of China has its special food. Therefore, when you’re travelling around China, do not forget to taste the local food there.