What foreign teachers do after arriving at a school to benefit their future development?


It is easy to be employed to teach english in China for schools, but it is not easy to stay for a long time and have a better development. It is a common phenomenon that many foreign teachers find a new job every year, but if you are not a foreign teacher with a very rich teaching experience, this is not very beneficial to your career planning. Frequent changes in the work unit led to some schools to think that you are not very stable, all schools are hoping to employ long-term foreign teachers, so that your treatment will become better every year, it is likely to have the opportunity to be promoted and have a higher position. In any case, dealing with the relationship with the school, doing your own work well is very important, you will benefit.

There are some foreign teachers and schools signed with each and after the teachers arrive, they will encounter a variety of situations, which not only affect their normal work, but also lead to both sides misunderstanding and unpleasant experience.

First of all, the apartment is a more common problem, a foreigner came to work in China, housing is one of the things they care about, this is understandable. But some schools were not ready for a suitable apartment before they came to school, and some schools were not sure whether the foreign teachers they were hiring would eventually come, so their plan was to wait for their teachers to came and arrange apartment. Some foreign teachers are very concerned about this matter, they will feel that the school is not fully prepared, and does not attach importance to this matter, it is not true actually. The school has their worry. If you encounter something like this, first find the intermediary that helped you find this job, so that they help solve this problem, remember not to affect the normal work. The problem of the apartment is actually an insignificant thing, the school can try to solve, to meet your personal needs. Do not think that the school deceived you because of this little thing. As long as your teaching is no problem, your work attitude is correct, all other things won’t be problem. China’s school owners pay special attention to the work attitude of employees and the concept of time. Please ensure that you will not be late for work or leave earlier. If there is any special circumstances, or emergency, you must remember to inform the school in advance, leaving the school a good impression is really important for someone new. The school needs time to rearrange the class. Otherwise things will become very troublesome, will leave a bad impression to the school.

Secondly, alcoholism is also common, this is the second biggest problem. Drinking is allowed, but excessive drinking is forbidden, this thus affect the work and the school’s reputation. Many foreigners like to drink, and go to the bar with friends, play crazily for a day, drunk in the street wandering, and some even argue with passers-by because of a little thing, and finally brought to the police, the school will be fined and warned and also criticized. This brought a bad effect to the school, which could cause the school to fire you.

China’s school itself has very strict requirements with the staff. Late or early leave for work are banned. For foreigners who come to teach in China, they have already made some concessions, as long as they obey the rules and regulations of the school, they will try to do everything to satisfy foreign teachers’ material requirements, which is what Chinese employees can not enjoy. So you should learn to cherish.

To have a better future career, my suggestion is that bear all small cases when you are paid normally and are not requested to do extra work without extra pay, and are respected. Try to do your best to finish your work in a perfect way. Try not to break the rule of the school. Do what Chinese staff do during the work. When you are not happy about something, you could talk with your boss calmly, rather than do some extreme things. That’s not a rational behavior. The result is that you will lose more. Every school will be happy to raise the pay when they couldn’t leave you, when you are doing everything very well. Almost no schools will refuse to offer better benefits when they really want someone to stay. Therefore, to teach in China and to have a stable working environment and not changing often, to be promoted to a higher position, please remember to be industrious, punctual and committed.