What do foreign teachers think of China?


With China’s rapid development, it has been leading European developed countries in many aspects, and even leading the international level. More and more foreigners have learned about China and seen China’s beauty and strength. They hope to stay in China. Many of these foreigners have become foreign teachers because they love China and they have seen a different China.

Foreign teacher Jerry has been in China for four years. He is now working in Beijing. He is an authentic Chinese pass. He runs around Chaoyang Park every morning. Then he runs all the way to the booth,buying some bread, a bowl of bean juice, or an egg filling cake with a piece of bacon and a cup of soy milk to begin a new life of the day.

Jerry is a oral English teaher at a high school. He usually doesn’t have many classes. He likes to go around. There are many things that he is more proficient than Chinese. He even knows our new Chinese four inventions: high-speed rail, Alipay, sharing bicycles and online shopping. He said that the high-speed railway is very good. He did not hear about high-speed railwayl before he came to China. He said that China’s development is rapid, which is unimaginable in their country. High-speed railway is  very safe and comfortable. It is very convenient to go anywhere. But there is no such efficient service in their country. It is hard to imagine that the traditionally occluded China will have such an advanced transportation system. He said he only wanted to work in big cities when he looked for ESL jobs in China for the first time. But now, he can work anywhere, because the transportation in China is very convenient. Location is not a problem any longer.

Second is Alipay and WeChat. You can go anywhere without a wallet, whether you go shopping in a supermarket  or eat breakfast at  a street vendor’s. Just use your phone to scan the QR Code and there is no need to look for change.  Even the roadside aunt selling vegetablesis using Alipay and WeChat to collect money. Jerry said this is also very unimaginable in his country, because their country’s shopping habits are to use credit cards and cash. He could not imagine living in China is so convenient. Now every time he returns to his country, he feels very uncomfortable.

When it comes to convenience, another aspect is sharing bicycles. Jerry likes to travel around. He said that before the sharing of bicycles, he buys a used bicycle every time if he goes to a city, but it is very inconvenient to carry. Every time he goes to other cities, he wants to sell it. The appearance of shared bicycles is very convenient for travel. He said that when he was in the United States, he once rode a bicycle with his friends to go to the suburbs. It was too far away, and he traveled more than 100 kilometers, very very tired. After a long time, he did not want to ride a bicycle. In China, if you go to a faraway place and get tired after riding so far, you can save your bicycle and take the subway home. It is really convenient.

The last is online shopping. Before online shopping is not popular in foreign countries. It is China’s Alibaba brought online shopping to the world.Jerry said that online shopping is a miracle. As long as he likes, he can buy any country’s goods at home.  Almost all of his daily necessities, clothes, shoes and hats are purchased online. It is convenient and cheap. Jerry often buys birthday gifts for foreign family members. He said that the world is actually very small. No matter where you are, you won’t be alienated from your families because of the distance.

Jerry said that people who don’t know China always think that China is very traditional and backward. In fact, Chinese people are very smart. Many things created in China are slowly changing the world, changing people’s previous lifestyles and making them more convenient. simple, practical and fast. And the so-called trade war initiated by the president of their country is a very stupid act. There will be no benefit to both losses. China’s prosperity and prosperity are far stronger than they think.