What Can Make You Stand Out During the Interview


Recently, many ESL teachers ask me what can help them to get an English Language teacher job in China, when they get an opportunity to have an interview with the expected English language teacher jobs.

First, I would like to say congratulation to have the opportunity to make the interview with the school. You get closer to the English language teacher jobs. What you need to do is to prepare for the interview. Then, what do you need to prepare? And what does the school want you to bring up during the interview?

Now let me tell you how to prepare for an interview with the schools.

First, you need to prepare an introduction about yourself, including your education and related teaching experience. Don’t get nervous because the school wants to hear your accent. Your accent is very important for you to get an English language teacher job in China.

Second, you’d better prepare a demo class about 5-10 minutes. Sometimes, the school will require you to do a demo class during the interview. The demo class may be about how to teach a foreign kid. You can prepare some word flash cards or a rhyme. And let the school know you are compatible to the job.

Third, you need to figure out what you want to know about the schools before the interview and get relaxed. Making a list about the questions you want to ask the school and find the answers during the interview.