What are the Requirements of TEFL Teachers


TEFL teachers actually mean foreign English teachers. China has a vast market of this kind of positions. Schools from kindergartens to universities, private language training centers and international schools need TEFL teachers every year. They also have some requirements of qualifications. Usually, working in China as TEFL teachers will need a work visa, that’s the only legal way.

All the basic documents including passport copy, resume, recent photo are required.

A bachelor’s degree is the most important thing. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you will be able to teach in high school or universities, your level should be higher or at least the same as the students. It’s not only about teaching English, it will cover different fields of knowledge. Besides, a bachelor’s degree is required to get a work visa. If you are from non-native English speaking countries, you had better have a bachelor’s degree from an English speaking country, or major in education or English, that helps a lot. Some schools can arrange a work visa under that condition.

A TEFL certificate is necessary especially when you don’t have any experience teaching English in China. This certificate includes several parts, and you can learn and get it online. You will learn how to teach English to non-native English speakers, which will help. What’s more, it is required for some schools to arrange z visa for foreign teachers.

A medical check is needed by almost all schools, one from your native country and another one when you arrive in China.

A police check is needed, though a few schools don’t require that. It depends on the city or the province.

A reference letter is usually needed especially when you have worked in China. Some schools don’t require it if they could accept recent graduates.

The last one is to get your degree to be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy. It’s a new policy issued in the beginning of 2016. More and more cities require this for a work visa. Therefore, you must have a bachelor’s degree, otherwise no way to get it authenticated or get a work visa.

Above are the requirements for TEFL teachers depending on the situation. Everything is possible, just it’s much easier and safer if you follow the rule.