Visa Process for Tesl Jobs in China


Many people who want to do tesl jobs in China don’t know the visa process well. They would like to know the whole process and get prepared in advance. Here are the steps to apply for working visa for tesl jobs.

Step 1. School collects documents from you. The documents include resume, BA, Tefl, Tesol certificate and digital Photo in this three month(passport photo size)

Step 2. You need to authenticate your degree in the Chinese embassy of your home country. It’s a new policy from 2016. Most of schools in China require it. For some cities. it can be done through Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange(CSCSE) in Beijing:

Step 3:You need to book a medical check in your city and provide the medical check report.And the report should be with doctors’ signature and the comments at the bottom of the second page should be like”healthy enough to work in China”

Step 4: You get a background check from local police station in your country.
If you are working in China now and holding a work visa,you need to ask your current school forthree letters (cancellation letter of Foreign Experts Certificate, release letter , reference letter)

Step 5: The school will start the online visa application after all those documents are ready.

Step 6: When the online application is passed, the school will bring the copies of your documents including degree authentication, background check, medical report to FAO(Foreign Affairs Office) to apply for the working permit.It will take 1-2 weeks For some cities in China, you need to mail the original papers of authentication, background check and medical report.

Step 7; The school takes the working permit and your documents to PSB to get the invitation letters. It takes 1-2 weeks.

Step 8. The school will mail the original paper of working permit and invitation letter to your address. Those are very important documents. So make sure your address is correct.

Step 9; You take working permit, invitation letter, a visa application form, passport, and new passport photos to your nearest Chinese Embassy to apply for an entry Z-visa

Step 10. Book your flight and tell you flight information to the school. Then they will someone to pick you up at the airport and take you to your apartment, school, etc.

All of the cost:
1)medical check in your country : please keep the receipt of it and the school will reimburse to you after the probation month. But it is up to 800RMB.
2)working visa cost in your country:please keep the receipt of it and the school will reimburse to you after the probation month.We will cover the full cost.
3)medical check in Shanghai:please keep the receipt of it and the school will reimburse to you after the probation month.(It will be around 600rmb)
Welcome to do tesl jobs in China, and contact Sunrise!