Types of ESL Teaching Jobs in China


With the developing of ESL teaching in China, there are many types of ESL teaching jobs appeared in the Chinese Market.
In the respect of students’ ages, ESL teaching jobs range from pre-school through secondary school, up to college and adult level positions. They are kindergarten, private training center, public school, university and international school.
Each type of ESL teaching jobs has their individual requirements.

In the kindergarten, ESL teachers are required to be more active and patient. Therefore, kindergarten prefers to have ESL teachers whose age is between 20 and 45 with an early childhood education degree.

Private training Center is teaching students from kids to adults. And the contents include oral English teaching, subject English teaching, business English teaching and test English teaching. Subject English teaching is for high schools, including history, biology, literature, geography and so on. Students who take those classes are preparing for SAT tests. Therefore, to be a subject English teaching, you need to graduate from relative major and have teaching experience. As the schools have more requirements for subject English teachers, the teachers will get paid more for the job. Business English teaching is for businessmen who want to improve their English for the needs of work. It’s also called BEG in China. BEG is for adults and working hours usually at night and weekend. Tests English teaching is very popular in China Nowadays, including TOEFL, IELES, GMAT and GRE.

Public school and university are two of the best places to go for ESL teachers. The schools provide more benefits to teachers and less workload. And the teachers will have more time to travel around China.

International school is the most welcome type of ESL teaching jobs in China. It pays the most in the ESL teaching field and also has the highest requirements.