Troubles or Confusions that Foreigners Might Have in Finding Tesol Jobs


With the development of China’s reform and opening-up and the change of thinking, more and more language training centers and public schools start recruiting foreign teachers., either to increase their influence or expand the source of students. Though schools provide a lot of job opportunities for foreigners, they still need to face and solve some problems during their searching tesol jobs in China.

First, foreigners have different objectives of coming to teach in China, so they have different problems in this process. Some come to find tesol jobs because they have girlfriends in China, which will limit their choices on the location. If a foreigner chooses to work in a city that is not the same as where his girlfriend is located, their relationship might be worse. If his girlfriend works in a small city, then it’s less possible to find a high-paid tesol job. That might influence his working enthusiasm and the relationship with his girlfriend.

However, it’s not the biggest problem. Z working visa is the most important for foreigners that are coming to teach english in China. In China, only a z working visa is legal for working as a foreign teacher at a school. Not all foreigners have a bachelor degree, so not all foreigners can get z working visa, which might be an issue. Besides, even foreigners have bachelor’s degree, some schools don’t have the license to arrange a working visa.

Expect the above facts, foreigners will face some others problems when they look for tesol jobs in china, like skin color, nationality, education, teaching certificate, teaching experience and etc. Some international school will have a high standard for the foreign teachers, they might require more academic English experience and even subjects teaching like physics, math and so on.