Top Places for teaching English abroad


Recently, more and more people go abroad and teach English in Asia. But there are so many different opportunities, which are hot jobs markets for teaching English aborad.


China is definitely the first choice. As the deepening of globalization and China’s status in the world, it has a great need for English teachers, because more and more citizens need to learn English well to get a decent job. It’s estimated that there are 300 million Chinene learning English. There is no doubt that it’s the largest job market for teaching English in Asia as it has the world’s most population. Therefore, it’s very easy to get a job there wherever you go. Teachers there can get a very competitve package consisting of high salary,free apartment, airfare reimbursement, medical insurance, free meals, paid holidays, completion bonus,etc. The living cost is relatively low there, so if you want to save more money, this is the place you need to consider. Besides, China is a great country with thousand of years of history and culture. There is a lot for you to explore. Every city has its charateristics, not only Beijing and Shanghai.


South Korea, with a well-developed, modern economy, comfortable quality of life, and sensational pop culture has attracted thousands of teachers in recent years. The advantage is that foreign English teachers are well paid there. The salary they received can not only live a comfortable life there, but also allow them to travel around South Korea and Asia. They can provide the flight in advance. If you don’t have teaching experience, Korea would be a good choice. If you want to find a good job in Korea, I recommend you to study a 170h online tefl certificate. But I have a friend who worked in Korea before, he said the life there is a little boring, there is not much to do except the a few famous places. South Korea is geographically isolated. foreign teachers might find it difficult to ”blend in”. It’s especially challenging to find a community of locals without the Korean language skills necessary to communicate.And the living cost there is high. For example, 1 kg beef is 200RMB, an apple is 50RMB,a watermelon is 200RMB. However in China,1 kg beef is 40RMB, apple is 3-5RMB one kilogram. So you can see the difference.


Many people are attracted to Thailand because of the cheap cost of living , beautiful beaches, good weather and so on. Most of the language school teachers are ex-travelers looking to save for future travels. The salary there isn’t high unless you work in a big city like Bangkok or teach in an international school. So if you are not for money, you can go to Thailand. But the internet there is always bad. I also have heard that the country is a little uncooperative if you want to leave there and go to teach in another country, such as China.


Teaching abroad in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is perfect for those interested in working in a Muslim or Middle Eastern country with slightly less culture shock.With the country’s booming economy, you’ll find expats from all over the world in larger cities like Abu Dhabi or Dubai. This international influence will help you transition more smoothly into a lifestyle that is most likely very different from your home. Finding a teaching job in the UAE is extremely competitive and you will absolutely be required to have a certification in order to find employment. However, the high teachers’salaries make up for the pressure of successfully finding a teaching gig in the UAE.

Teaching in the UAE is also an exciting challenge! Since English is so widespread throughout the United Arab Emirates, school systems are now focusing on teaching all courses in English. This means that you could have the opportunity to teach math, science, or even history in English, broadening your teaching experience! Although the UAE certainly has an international community, always be aware of the cultural norms of the country you are working in; Islam is an essential part of daily life in the UAE, and you should respect the country’s customs.Living and working in the UAE also means that you’ll be able to experience everything from glitzy, glamorous city life, as well as deserts, mountains, and stunning oases.


There are also other countries for you to do the jobs of teaching English abroad, such as Vietnam, Janpan.. Every country has something for you.