Top cities to teach in China


Every Foreign teacher will choose a city in China as a foothold before or after coming to teach English in China. There are many factors that will affect the their choices, such as environment, the development level of the city, the economic development level, climate, friends and relatives as well as other factors.

Yangtze River (Pearl River) Delta. One most important reasons for Foreign teachers to teach in China is to make money. They think China is a great place to make fast money (of course, ths suitation has changed). WIth the goal of making money, they will prefer to choose cities that developed well after the reform and opening up, like Guangdong, Shenzhen and other Pearl River Delta. Those kind of cities has attracted a large number of foreign teachers for gold rush when decided to teach English in China. This phenonmen is particularly evident in recent years.

1 Tier coastal cities. With the deepening of reform and opening up, more and more foreign teachers come to do English teaching jobs in China. Too much job pressure makes some foreign teachers no longer seek ESL jobs in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, etc. Instead, they will look for English teaching jobs in 1 tier costal cities where salary is a little lower and low employment pressure. There are also more choices there, which makes more and more teachers wants to do English teaching jobs in those places.

Capital cities and ancient metropolis. Many foreigners loves Chinese culture, customs and other Chinese elements. Some have always been fascinated by Peking. They don’t consider the environmental factors. In addtion, the development of Beijing and other provincial capital is not backward. Therefore, many Chinese culture lovers will consider these captial cities and ancient metropolis as their prority while looking for English teaching jobs in China. The unique Chinese culture attract them to do ESL jobs these cities, enjoying and feeling China’s 5000 years of cultural accumulation.

Beautiful southern cities. Many foreign teachers don’t take the salary as the primary factor. They would like to pay more attention to the environment factor. I have encountered many foreign teachers telling me that they only want to find EFL jobs in Kunming or Lijiang. They said it was amazing here. As long as they can work there, they don’t have any requirements for the job, even if the salary is 7000-8000RMB. If you have stayed here before, you won’t want to go other cities any more. It can be said that such beautiful cities in the south of China is very attractive to those who want to teach English in China. Some foreigners hold different values from Chinese people. They think that working in the poor environment cities is just like using life to earn money. This is simply unacceptable to them. They would rather accept a slightly lower salary to find the city that is in line with their requirements of environment.

Second or third tier cities. A part of teachers who want to do ESL jobs in a second or third tier city because of emotional factors. Some hold family visa or visiting visas becaue their families are working there, so they have to go to as well. Some have good friends in those cities. They want to be closer to their friends so that it will be easier to adapt to the new life in China. It’s very reasonable. There is a very good foreign teacher. He don’t consider other places except Hefei, Anhui. The reason is that her girlfriend is in this city. He met her girlfriend in the university in China while he was studying there. Then after gradutation, the girl returned to her home country. The devoted guy also wants to work in her city. Other requirements are not high.

There are other factors that lead foreign teachers to choose relatively remote or undeveloped cities while teaching English in China. Not everyone is crazy about just making money in China. Some excellent teachers are willing to do some charitable and voluntary work in remote places. They really want to help the students with English and want them to gain more knowledges. This kind of teachers are worthy of great praise. They are the real teachers. They do ESL jobs in remote cities and villages. They take the basic salary to help students those are eager to knowledege,but unable to pay the tuition. A large part of the factor is that the personality of foreign teachers makes them to do so noble things. Of course, there are some smaller cities. Teachers from Africa are usually concentrated in those cities. These places are easier to get the work visa for them and can save more money. It’s also a good choice.

All in all, every city in China has its own characteristics. You need to know what you really want first and then choose a place that is suitable for you.