TOP 10 Safety tips for ESL teachers in China!


Recently, one of my foreign friends has been followed and attacked in the hallway of her apartment. Therefore, I want to remind every foreigner here especially ESL teachers in China that although China is a safe country as most people know, foreigners also need to know some safety tips that can keep you avoid the rare crimes here in China.


I’d like to discuss my friend’s case here first. My friend is a woman and an ESL teacher here in my city. She went home at midnight that night and alone. She is living in an open community. She was followed and attacked in the hallway of her apartment by a man with a knife. The lucky thing is that the man ran away after she fought back. She called police after the attacked.


I was very sorry for her after I got to know what happened, and tried to offer my help. Since we are in the same city and she was just here for several months, I want to make her feel a little better. I did everything I can do to help her. Luckily, she didn’t get hurt.  However, there is something about safety that my friends or every foreigner here in China should know.


First, don’t go out alone too late! The night is more dangerous than daytime as most people know, especially late night for a single woman. If you have to go outside at a late time during night, please try to walk on a big and bright street or road, and keep alert.  Always make one of your friends or family members know your outgoing information.


Second, when you find a living place, you should try to find a private community not an open community.  This is very important for ESL teachers who are taking one year contract in China. There are community guards and videos for safety purposes in private community. Not everyone can enter the private community only the person living here with a key card for security purpose. Most communities here today are private communities. The open communities are old ones. Therefore, a private community is much safer than an open community.  When you are interviewing the schools, please make sure that the apartment your working school providing is in a private community.


Third, when you get to a new place or work in a new place, you should try to make some local friends or ask your colleagues about the safety tips in that city.  When you have to do something that may cause you in danger, you need to let your friend know what you do and where you go. Let them know your information, if anything happens, they can make a call to police for you.


Fourth, don’t walk alone on a street when you are drunk.  How dangerous a drunk woman on a street everyone should know! Please don’t get drunk, especially when you’re alone.  If you have to drink at night, you’d better ask your friends to walk you home. Or book a car by app to take you home and give the information of the car to your friends.  You can get the driver’s information, when you book a car by app, which may keep you safe.


Fifth, when you’re travelling, you should be aware that you need to choose a hotel with good reviews.  Try to pick a quiet and comfortable hotel that can guarantee your rest and avoid lodging in a roadhouse in a dirty, noisy, or dangerous environment.  And you’d better tell your friends or family the hotel name, address, phone number and your check-in time.  If you join a group tour, please make sure it’s from a good agency. And also give the information to your friends or family.


Sixth, I’d like to talk about the group tour individually here. There are many group tours, which are incredible cheap in China.  If you encounter some people offer you a group tour like that, please refuse directly. As far as I know, those agencies that offer cheap group tours will take you to the shopping centers not the interests of places that they promise at the contracts. Some of the guiders will also force you to buy some goods. Therefore, you should avoid group tours with an unreasonable price when you travel around China.


Seventh, when you’re travelling, you’d better keep your valuable staff in the safety box or take along with you.  Don’t leave them in an unsafe place.  When you’re at home, you’d better keep your valuables at a safe place.  And I recommend that after renting an apartment in China, you should change the locker and give one copy of the keys to your friend, in case you lock your key at your home.


Eighth, when you go outside for lunch or dinner, you’d better pick a clean and healthy place.  You can also pick up some snacks at the street sometimes, but not too often. There are some apps here in China that you can order food. You can also use red pockets like coupons that can make the price down a little bit. About the ordering food apps, we can discuss it in another article.


Ninth, when ESL teachers come to China, you’d better bring any over-the-counter medicines that you might need, such as pain-killers, cold medicines, or anti-diarrhea medicine, and a small first-aid kit. It may be difficult to purpose these items at your destination due to language barrier.


Tenth, don’t get food or drink from strangers especially in clubs or bars. When you are in a crowed place for amusement, be especially careful about your wallet, bags or valuables’ don not go to chaotic recreational areas.


After talking about those safety tips for ESL teachers in China or someone who will come to China to take an ESL job, I’d like to say that China is a truly safe country with rare crimes. However, you should leave any opportunities for those crimes too.