Things that are enjoyed and disliked by foreigners teaching english in China


After the foreign teachers come to China, because of the differences in cultures,they will touch many things that had not been touched before. Here are some things that foreigners like and cab’t accept in China. For those who are going to teach english in China, you can prepare in advance so that you can adapt to the new culture quickly and don’t have any conflicts.

First of all, with regard to food, the favorite food of foreigners should be dumplings, which has never been eaten in their country. What’s more, the culture and meaning that dumplings are endowed in Chinese traditional culture make foreigners full of interest in culture behind dumplings and delicious taste. If the first word taught to a foreigner is “sloppy”, then the food to be tasted should first be dumplings. When it comes to the most unacceptable food, I believe many Chinese can’t accept it either: hairy eggs. Of course, it is very delicious in the eyes of some Chinese people. However, the appearance lets the foreigners shake their heads directly, let alone taste them. In their words, if you let them eat the eggs, it is better to kill him directly. It can be seen how much they dislike the hairy eggs.

Regarding the songs, according to incomplete statistics, among the foreigners interviewed, the songs of the singer Zhang Zhenyue are quite popular among foreigners. The favorite songs are “Freedom” and “Goodbye”. The songs of  very popular singers in China  like Jay Chou and Wang Lihong did not leave much impression on them. And Beyond’s “Love You” and Wu Jun’s “Norwegian Forest” are very popular among foreigners.

Regarding the favorite festivals of foreigners, in addition to the traditional Chinese festivals we can think of: the Spring Festival, and the reunion festival, the Mid-Autumn Festiva, the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is very popular among foreigners, because it is the world’s largest snow festival, especially all kinds of ice lamps, ice sculptures. it is really beautiful, very spectacular and unique. In addition, Harbin Ice and Snow Festival international promotion and publicity is very good. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is becoming more and more popular in the world, and is very popular among foreigners. So for those who don’t mind the cold weather, I would strongly recommend you to teach in Harbin so that you can have a very different experience. Another festival  that is popular among foreigners is Qingdao international beer festival, like the German Oktoberfest. Not only beer lovers in China, beer lovers from all over the world come together to see the sea, participate in the beer carnival, drink beer competitions, but also listen to concerts and various performances. It is definitely a pleasure.

Another point is that in terms of convenience in life, China does change its life or service life faster than other countries. For example, some foreigners say: “We use credit cards in the United States and laptops. Sometimes, it’s very inconvenient to go out. You always have to find a place to charge your computer, so as to avoid derailing from the times.” In China, they only need to bring a mobile phone to get to know what’s going on. You don’t have to swipe your card, you can use your mobile phone to scan and pay.” I really enjoy this kind of life in China. A mobile phone can solve various problems. It is very convenient.” At this point, not only foreigners like it, but even ourselves also very enjoy this convenience.

Another point foreigners don’t like is that Chinese people don’t like to line up, such as in subway stations or public places. But now most people will have an orderly queue, except for a few or really urgent things.

Hope this information can give you  a better knowledge of China.You are always very welcomed to teach english in China and experience a great new life here.