There are 70,000 ESL Teachers Deficiency in China


According to the data from the Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, the current Chinese ESL teachers market needs at least 100,000 ESL teachers, while there are only 30,000 ESL teachers legally registered at the Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs. There are 70,000 ESL teachers deficiency. In fact, the number is supposed to be large than the official data and more than 70,000.

The ESL teachers Market in China has grown at a rapid pace and more and more ESL teacher jobs are produced every day. But why there are a large number of ESL teacher deficiencies here. For this question, we can discuss it for more than one week. It’s really complicating.

For one reason, the office f Foreign Affairs and the Board of Education jointly announced new rules for foreign teachers, which make the ESL teacher market more standard but also stricter. For the detail of new rules, we will discuss later in another article.
For the other reason, the negative feedback from other ESL teachers’ experience made Chinese ESL teachers market looked badly to someone. Because of the huge ESL teacher Market in China, there are many resources that ESL teachers can hunt for ESL jobs. But some of the sources are not reliable and make the experience really bad. Therefore, the credible sources to look for ESL jobs are very important to ESL teachers who are hunting for jobs.

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