The Purposes of Foreigners to Do Esl Jobs in China


At first, I thought it was very easy to find suitable esl jobs for foreigners. But later, I realized it is not as easy as I thought.
There is a teacher from the USA. He hasn’t come to China yet. He was looking for university jobs at that time. And there are many esl jobs for him to choose from, but unexpectaly, he asked for 20000RMB for univerisities and then lowered to 15000RMB. As we all know, it’s not realistic for universities in China. On one hand, those univerities that can offer high salary usually have high demand. On the other hand, only oral English esl jobs in universities are not paid that much. After several interviews, it’s found that he is not competent for the jobs.From this, we can know that foreigners know about the esl jobs market in China, so they asked for high salaries. They know that most schools want white native speakers and the salary will be much higher due to competition among schools. So one of the purposes for foreigners to do esl jobs in China is to make money.
Another reason is that his/her partner is in China. There are many teachers who look in certain areas because their partners are there. They are willing to accept lower salary because of the location.

Some foreginer do esl jobs for travelling. There are many schools in rural areas can offer high salary for foreign teachers, but most teachers are not interested. That is because there isn’t anything for them to explore in those areas. For some teachers, they are not teaching for money, they want to experience the culture, vist the cities and make friends here.

Finally, some teachers are not determined to move to China. They are busy with their own matters while looking for esl jobs. For example, many foreigners are studying their degrees while looking for jobs. Once there is something suitable, they will consider. Even if there isn’t anything, it won’t affect their plan. And this kind of foreigners are unlikely to accept esl jobs in a short time.