The problems foreign teachers might have during their teaching


With the development of the economy, both the school and the parents raise higher request for their children’s English learning. Many schools have invited foreign teachers to do English teaching jobs at their schools, they think that foreign teachers can better develop the ability of children to hear and speak, however there are advantages and disadvantages of hiring foreign teachers.

Here are some problems that foreign teachers might have in teaching Chinese students, so you can try to avoid if you can.

(1)lack of systematic English teaching

Chinese teachers will do a lot of research on what they will teach, and prepare lessons before every class, they have their teaching materials to follow strictly. However, quite a few foreign teachers are usually very casual while English teaching, few develop a detailed teaching plan at the beginning of the semester.

Most schools will provide some basic teaching materials for foreign teachers, however, many foreign teachers do not use a certain teaching materials, but use their own preparation of the handouts, they might choose the textbooks, content with some randomness, lack of systematic and tight plus the lack of lesson plan, which makes the oral classroom activities scattered, lack of subject, oral class into a loose chat class. Students in such a classroom can not learn the substantive content of the study of English. It is also not a great help. English teaching to Chinese students is not only chatting with them, it includes some systematic learning.

(2)insufficient assessment of Chinese students’ English proficiency

Foreign teachers don’t understand the Chinese students well enough. They always estimate their ability of English too high or too low. Sometimes the students feel the teaching content is way too naive, especially the grammar is too simple for them. Most of the Chinese students voice, hearing and verbal ability is not strong enough, and some foreign teachers in the course of teaching are still using the normal language speed, students can not keep up the Rhythm, they might feel what their foreign teachers say is not easy to understand. The reason, is the ability and level of the students’ systematic learning. They can not understand in-depth knowledge. This will, to a certain extent, affect the enthusiasm of the students about the spoken language class, so students will have the emotion of weariness

(3) Chinese and Western cultural barriers

Language is the product of culture, but also a form of cultural expression, there is a certain difference between different cultures. Some foreign teachers lack understanding of China’s political, economic, cultural and educational aspects. Sometimes the way of calling a foreign teacher can even be condemned. Other similar thing also cause misunderstanding between the teachers and students.

(4)classroom organization is not scientific

The main purpose of oral courses is to enhance students’ verbal communication skills so that students can speak and be able to use appropriate expressions. And some foreign teachers in the oral classroom organization is not enough scientific, making the purpose of oral class is blurred. Some foreign teachers lack of experience, do not understand the Chinese students, the students do not pay attention to their reaction or questions. When foreign teachers ask the students questions, they sometimes do not give students enough time to think. In this case, students with less introverted or less confidence are easily overlooked and lose their interest in learning. Moreover, many foreign teachers in the students can not give timely feedback, and did not think about how to inspire students, but to complete the teaching time, then leave. In the classroom, foreign teacher speak more, but students have fewer opportunities to speak, especially for those shy students. Many Students reflect that this is not an oral class but a listening class. These make the goal of oral class difficult to achieve.

(5) the quality of foreign teachers vary

A large part of the foreign teachers are indeed very good teachers, they bring authentic English, and advanced teaching ideas and teaching methods. But even though most of them are well educated, there are not many people who have been trained in English teaching, and are often not professional in the teaching process. And even some foreign teachers made it clear that China is only to experience life and tourism, teaching is mainly for money and living expenses means. This might state that they don’t have a serious attitude towards English teaching  overseas. Although students think it’s fresh and interesting experience at the beginning of touching foreign classes, they will feel tired and not so proactive to learn English in foreign teachers’ class.

If you want to a foreign teacher that most students will like, you may read the above information, that could give you some instruction.