The key to finding ESL jobs in China


Integrity is essential in ESL indutry. For foriegn teacers, it’s not easy to find a job without integrity. For schools, it is difficult to recruit suitable foreign teachers. Recently, I haVe met a number of schools and foreign teachers which made me realize how important integrity is.


There is a foreign teacher A from the United States who wants to teach English in China. He found a job in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province through a company C. They have had an interview and reached an agreement. They are close to signing the contract. However, he said that his siter came to Beijing and wants to stay in Beijing. So he can’t go to Nanchang. That’s totally fine, we can understand. But after three days, he found an another company E to help him to find an ESL  job in Hangzhou. Can we recommend such a foreign teacher to schools?


Thre is another a foreign teacher from Australia. He is now in China, He aksed a dispatching company X to find him an ESL job. They got him a match in Jinan City, Shandong Province. Both sides felt good after the interview. The school just needs to check about the degree authentication. But after two days, the teacher suddenly sent a message saying that he would return homw. He deosn’t want to stay in China any longer. The reason is that the dispatching company which helped him to get the job deducted 5000RMB from his salary. So he felt very angry. About three days after it, he didn’t go back. This time, he found an agency company rather a dispatching company. He said he was afraid now and wanted to find a credible school, which wouldn’t deduct his salary. He said he had been to over 30 countries and China is the one made him disappointed. From this case, we can see that a dispatching company is not credible if you want to find teaching jobs in China. They are a third party. You sign the contract with the company, not with the school directly. There are many disadvantages for this. You may work in different schools every day. And they will try to deduct money from you. Suppose the school original offer 15000RMB per month to you, the dispatching company will only give you 12000RMB.  And there is usually no paid holidays when you work for a dispatching company. So it’s important to find an agency company. They work very differently from a dispacthing company. An agency company just help you to find more ESL jobs and set up interviews for you. Everything will be done with the school directly. Therefore, be sure to choose an agency company when you find ESL jobs in China. There are many good agency companies, like Sunrise China.


There are a couple from the UK who are looking for teaching jobs in China. Their qualifications are very good. An agency company introduced them to a private school.It takes around half a month to sign the contract and get the visa done. The school is just waiting for the teachers to come. But by the agreed day they should come to school, the couple entered China with the visa, but didn’t come to the school. The school can’t reach them with any contacts. The school made much offers and time to get the visa and they just cheated them. It’s unwise of the couple to do so. They thought they just cheated one school, but other schools will know them soon and no schools will hire them. Agencies and schools all over China have some groups. They will expose such teachers in the groups and let others know about them. So actually most schools have known them. So a tip for you if you really want to do ESL jobs in China. That ls being honest. If you don’t like the school, you can tell them directly, don’t need to find many excuses. If you got the visa and don’t go to the school, the school has the right to blacklist you. Then you can’t get any visa to come to China in the next 5 years.


Integrity is the foundation of everything. A teacher with no integrity won’t be able to find a teaching job in China and can’t stay long in China. Vice versa, a dishonest school can’t find a suitable teacher. So for those who really want to teach English in China, it’s important to find a good agency. Sunrise China will be a good choise. The schools they work with are in good reputation. And they will investigate and talk with the schools for a long time before recommending teachers to them, just wants to make sure those schools are good and teachers will have a good time there.