The Developing of ESL Teaching in China


ESL (Teach English as Second Language) teaching has over 20 years history. In twenty years ago, there were only a few ESL teachers teaching in China. And most of them were doing the oral English teaching job. But today, more and more Chinese realize the importance of learning English and prefer to get education from native English speakers. Therefore, there is a high demand of ESL teachers in China.

As the variety of needs to learn English has been increasing, the market of ESL teaching in China has changed. The contents of ESL teaching have been enlarged to other fields of English teaching, not just for oral English teaching. Nowadays, the ESL teaching in China include oral English teaching, subject English teaching, business English teaching and test English teaching. And the salary and requirements for each kind of jobs differ with the content.

Now that the Chinese government has strengthened the requirements for ESL teachers, but loose the requirements to issue “expert certificates” to foreign teachers. According a data from the Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs suggest that the current ESL teaching market needs at least 100,000 foreign teachers, while there are only 30,000 foreign experts legally recognized by mainland China. There is a big gap between demand and supply. Therefore, the Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs has more rules to come out to attract foreigners to work in China.

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