The Advantages of Efl Teachers Class


An educator once said that education for English shouldn’t emphasize grammar, but communication. Communication is the most important. Now the world has become a global village. Language and culture are bemining closer. Chinese go to abroad to learn English and foreigners come to China to study Chinese. We also need to learn English well to better communicate with the other part of the world, make more friends and broaden our vision.

First, efl teachers classes are lively, so efl teachers can improve everyone’s interest in learning. To learn English, interest is the best teachers. Most efl teachers are fun and humorous. Talking with them can easily help us to become outgoing, not be shy any longer. We are not afraid to talk any more. There are always many interesting games in efl teachers classes. Students love it very much. It make them feel that learning is fun and easy.

Second, efl teachers can help us to learn about western cultures better. Before, we learned about foreigners and western cultures in books or on TV. The coming of efl teachers can help us to know western cultures directly. They teach us to how communicate better with foreigners. Some efl teachers will introduce their experience. We can know about the education system in their country. Besides, we can also learn they spend Thanksgiving Day and Chritmas, etc.

Third. The pronunciation of efl teahers are standard. It’s good for students to master the correct pronunciation and intonation. One of the reasons for schools to hire efl teachers is that English is their native language. In most cases, the pronunciation for Chinese teachers is not as good as English native speakers. Efl teachers pronunce clearly and have bautiful tone of voice. Students will imitate the efl teachers to improve their pronunciation.