Teach English in Harbin, Northeast of China


When asked where you would like to teach English in China, most peopoe will say south like Guangzhou, Hainan, Guilin, etc. Then you don’t have a thorough understanding of the other part of China. The China in your eyes is unilateral. Here I want to introduce that part of China so that you can learn China well and find the most interesting place to teach in China.

Many people don’t like cold, because it makes us uncomfortable. You need to wear a lot in winter and not convinient to move around. But this is an enjoyment for many Chinese. Harbin is one of this kind of places.You will never forget here when you come to teach English there, because it will bring you a forever memory. The foreign teacher Kier had this feeling when he walked out of the train station of Harbin. It’s a wonderful and lovely place for you to teach English in China.

A place you have to go when coming to Harbin is the Greater Hinggan. Maybe there are not many tourist attractions, but after the heavy now, it’s vert clean and can give people the biggest baptism of the spirit.This kind of feeling is hard to express out. It can’t be experienced in other places. Some people say that having seen the sea can let a person have a very different feeling. In fact, compared to this kind of feeling, we should enjoy more the vast expanse of whiteness of Harbin. At this moment, your soul is very peaceful.

The glory St. Sophia church constitutes the unique and exotic landscape and cityscape. At the same time, it is a precious and historic relic of Russia invading northest of China and Harbin modern history. From here, we can see the corner of the city’s history. Kier said China is a history. How do we accidentally have touched the history? For foreign teachers who teach English in China, this place is more than teaching, it’s a travelling of soul.