Sunrise ESL Mandarin program for ESL teachers!


What is Sunrise ESL Mandarin Program?


Sunrise ESL Mandarin program is the First, also the only Mandarin program for ESL teachers in China even the world. This grogram not only contains Mandarin used in the classroom, but also fuses the context of the latest versions of ESL teaching books, including: — ESL teaching: principles for Success (2016) – Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching (Third Edition): Practical, step-by-step guidance for ESL teachers, and thought-provoking questions to stimulate further exploration – The ESL/EFL Teacher’s Survival Guide: Ready-to-Use Strategies, Tools, and Activities for Teaching English Language Learners of All Levels (2012).


Why do ESL teachers need Sunrise ESL Mandarin Program?


First of all, with the developing of the Chinese ESL teachers Market, more and more schools have stricter requirements for ESL teachers. From the feedbacks of the hiring schools, ESL teachers who can speak some Mandarin are more popular and highly demanded by the schools.  ESL teachers with some Mandarin skills are more competitive in Chinese ESL teachers Market and have more opportunity to get a higher salary job. For non-native speakers who also like to teach English in China, Mandarin has also become an important factor that the schools use to decide whether they will hire him/her.


Second, many ESL teachers who got jobs from Sunrise has asked Sunrise to specialize a Mandarin for them to use in their classes. They said if they knew some teaching Mandarin in the class, their teaching would be easier and more efficient. Many ESL teachers get panic when they come to China as new comers. They are facing many issues, some from their classroom, some from their new life. If they knew some Mandarin before they come to China, it would be smoother for them to get fit into the new environment.


Third, the ESL teachers who study Sunrise ESL Mandarin Program will get more opportunities for job interviews.  As we all know, more jobs’ interviews means you can get more jobs’ opportunities. Sunrise will give more opportunities to them who want to become better ESL teachers.


Why should you choose Sunrise to study the Sunrise ESL Mandarin program?


First, Sunrise has many years’ working experience to help thousands of ESL teachers to get teaching jobs in China.  Therefore, Sunrise knows Chinese ESL teachers Market better and knows what kinds of ESL teachers more popular and more highly demanded.  Moreover, Sunrise knows the Chinese English classroom, which helps Sunrise make a great ESL Mandarin program.


Second, Sunrise has provided Mandarin training for our customers for many years and has a lot Mandarin teaching experience.


Third, from the feedbacks of our customers, their teaching in the class are much more efficient after they learnt Sunrise ESL Mandarin program.  The Sunrise Mandarin program makes them better in the classroom and gets connection with their students sooner.


What is the difference between Sunrise ESL Mandarin program and other Mandarin program?


The Sunrise ESL Mandarin program is a Mandarin program that specializes for ESL teachers only. All the Mandarin learnt is relative to their teaching and daily life.  Sunrise is try to make the ESL teachers got equipped in a short time for their English teaching jobs and daily life in China.  Other Mandarin programs focus on other parts, such as daily life, business, interview or kids.


Sunrise has also provided other Mandarin programs, such as daily life Mandarin, business Mandarin, Kid Mandarin and so on. If you have a dependent coming with you, it’s better option to make him/her study Mandarin with Sunrise.


What does Sunrise ESL Mandarin program include?


Sunrise ESL Mandarin program has two main parts. One is for the Mandarin used in the class. The other is the Mandarin used in the airport, restaurant or other public places. As far as we know, there are many ESL teachers who come to China at their first time encountering some communication troubles at the airport or restaurant. This is really helpful for those ESL teachers who are worried about that they may get lost in China.


What can you get after you learn Sunrise ESL Mandarin program?


First, when you land at the Chinese airport and could not find the pick-up man, you may get worried. Don’t be! Since you have already learnt how to ask for help and communicate with others, just do as what you learn from Sunrise.


Second, the first time you teach English at a Chinese classroom, you may get panic because the students don’t response you. Don’t worry!  You have already gotten some Mandarin words to shorten the distance between the students and you from Sunrise.


Third, the first time you’re walking on Chinese street and listening to a strange language, you may get lost. Don’t worry! You have already known how to communicate with others to buy goods from Sunrise.


Fourth, the first time you go to a Chinese restaurant and face a Chinese menu, you may get confused. Don’t worry, since you have already known how to order food in a restaurant from Sunrise.


Moreover, you can get more from Sunrise ESL Mandarin program. This program is involved in helping ESL teachers to get easier in the classroom and get used to the life in China sooner.


As we all know, it’s hard for a foreigner to adjust to a new life in an entire new environment.  Sunrise is here and gets ready to help you ESL teachers who want to be confident in their lives in China.  I know you must want to know how to get the Sunrise ESL Mandarin program. There are two ways; one is to go to ; the other one is to send an email to .