Suggestions for English Teaching Jobs in Kindergartens


If you are a new English teacher with little teaching experience, you will find it a hard task to teach in kindergartens.Kids are very lovely, but sometimes, they are naughty and keep talking. To teach them and make them concentrate on what you are teaching is not easy, even for an experienced teachers. Here are suggestions for English teaching jobs in Kindergartens to make your classes successful.

Be acitve
The atmosphere of the class is very important to kids. If you are excited about the lessons, they will feel excited as well. Try to be active, cheerful and sometimes even “foolish”. Use a lot of gestures and exaggerate your facial expressions. This will attract their attention and imaginations. Think like the way they are thinking and talk like the kids do. You can’t talk with them in the way in you teach adults learners.

Make your class coloful
For English teaching jobs in kindergartens, teaching aids are very necessary. You will definitely use them in your lessons. Most of kids are too young to write or read.Writing on blackboard doesn’t work with them well. Therefore, you will have to use props. They can faciliate the lessons and make children involved in your class. You can use flashcards, pictures, puppets, costumes,etc. Try to use bright colors and make your classroom colorful. Children like bright colors. It makes them feel happy. They can easily remember the pictures.

Make short activities
We all know that little kids have a very short attention span. No matter how fun it is, they can’t do the same activity or play the same game for a long time,such an hour. So you’d better to prepare a nyumber of different activities. The acitivities can be both interactive and kinetic. For example, you can teach their words by dancing and play dressing up. There can also be calmer acitivities so that the kids won’t feel tired when walking and jumping for a long time. You can tell stories, teach words by drawing pictures or other arts and crafts projects

The most important thing is not be afraid of trying. If one method doesn’t work well in a class, just change a different style in your following classes.