Studying mandarin will make your teaching in China easier


More and more foreigners are coming and working as an English teacher in China. There are so many good opportunities in China now, but the competition is also very fierce. So how to make yourself outstanding among the teachers? One option is to study mandarin.


Many teachers are considering to study another degree,tefl with more hours like 180hours or other certificates to make themselves more qualified, but it is not really helpful. There are always teachers that have higher qualifications and more teaching experience than you. But mandarin is different. Among the teachers who are looking for ESL jobs in China, only 5% can speak mandarin. Therefore, if you can study mandarin, this will be a unique skill that you have. Once you get to know about this language, then you will have more advantages than others. It can also make your job and life in China better and easier, and also make your career more wise and open.


There was a teacher from an European country. She found a job in a kindergarten. When she started her classes for the first several days, she found that it was very hard to teach the kids because they are too young to understand you. Although there is a Chinese teaching assistant in the classroom, it doesn’t help a lot. The assistant is mainly responsible for maintaining classroom discipline. She can also delivery what you said to the kids in Chinese, but the students can’t benefit a lot from your lessons. You have to communicate with them by yourself and let them get familiar with you and your lessons. She was a little upset and not confident. Then a mandarin program come to her. She started to study mandarin online. After several classes, she has learned some daily expressions like “Do you understand?”. She can communicate with the kids directly and know the feedback of kids. The kids are doing better and better. She feels very satisfied and proud. So once you have studied mandarin, the communication with Chinese people will be easier and there will be no misunderstandings and no troubles. You can speak mandarin with your colleagues, students and even parents. Most of schools want teachers that can speak a little Chinese and are so much willing to hire a foreign teacher just like you. So it will create more job opportunities for you and you don’t to worry about your life and teaching english in China anymore.


This is the company that I can recommend for studying Chinese online-Sunrise Online ESL Mandarin program.It is the First, also the only Mandarin program for ESL teachers in China even the world. Sunrise has provided Mandarin training for many ESL teachers.Since 2010, Sunrise has helped thousands of ESL teachers to get suitable jobs in China. From the feedbacks of the ESL teachers Market, ESL teachers who can communicate in Mandarin have more working opportunities and can fit into the working environment quickly. This program fuses the context of the latest versions of ESL teaching books, including: — ESL teaching: principles for Success (2016) – Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching (Third Edition): Practical, step-by-step guidance for ESL teachers, and thought-provoking questions to stimulate further exploration – The ESL/EFL Teacher’s Survival Guide: Ready-to-Use Strategies, Tools, and Activities for Teaching English Language Learners of All Levels (2012). Free offer:a Mandarin Level Test and a formal class about dealing with the emergency in China.To get the free offer, please join the Skype ID:sunrisechineselearning.


Once you get to know about this language then you will have more opportunities than others, and you will be able to know about china more and more deeply, and also will be able to know about Chinese life everyday and makes your life much easier here in china, and also you will get more Chinese friends, so when you working in the school and do your job, at the same time you are also learning the Chinese language and it can not effect your job, it can even make your job better and easier, and also make your career more wise and open, so by the way you can also learn more Chinese from the Chinese teachers in the school, it is more convenient for you and the school will like to help you so much, so it will make your job easy and make your life easy too.