Something You Need To Let Chinese Agents Know Before Finding “Esl Jobs China”


A lot of foreigners find ESL jobs through agents. It’s an effective way to find ESL jobs in China. To avoid some unnecessary troubles, there are some things you need to let the agents know before searching any job.

Flight ticket to China
Chinese schools usually don’t prepay for your flight ticket to their schools. If you need them to do so, you should let the agents know when you begin talking with them, if they have such schools, that would be perfect for you, but if not, then no need to move forward.

Dependants or not
Let the agents know if you come with families, and the basic condition of your families. Since that’s related to visa. If your families are from abroad, they might need family visa to stay in China. Your children will attend schools or not, if they need schooling help from the employer and etc. Some schools prefer a single person for different reasons. It’s better to let the agents know in advance. That saves time.

Part-time or full-time job
Agents will usually think you are looking for a full-time job and can do 40h per week. If you have other arrangements, and just need a part-time job, please let the agents know. This is very important to know. Tell them when you are free to take a part-timejob and etc.

Contract length
Most contracts are for one or two years. If you are looking to teach for only six months or shorter time, you should let the agents know. They will see if they have such offers and then discuss other things.

Start date
If you are eager to start asap, and could accept coming on a tourist visa, you should let the agents know. Sometimes agents might think you mind coming on a tourist visa, and don’t know you are really eager to come. This misunderstand should be avoided, since a lot of schools prefer teachers to come asap.

Find jobs with another one
If you are looking for a teaching job with your partner together, you had better tell the agents. Otherwise if one found a job in a city, and the other found a nice job in another city, this will cause troubles. If you tell the agents from the beginning, you two might find two jobs in the same city through one agent. That’s easier and better.

There are a lot of similar things that you need to note before looking for “esl jobs china”. This will help you find a job more smoothly and easily.