Something to Note When You Decide to Find TESL jobs in Shanghai


Shanghai is a very popular city for all foreigners. Shanghai is an international city with exotic culture. There are many parts interesting the foreigners that would like to find TESOL jobs in Shanghai. When it comes to the location, Shanghai is usually the most ideal city for most foreign teachers. However, quite a few foreigners are not clear about the visa policy in Shanghai. This essay is explaining something about z working visa. Hope it gives you some clue.

As far as I know, for Shanghai, when they want to arrange a z working visa for you, they will need three documents suppose you worked in China within two years and got a z working visa with a Foreign Expert Certificate plus a resident permit. Even though when they get a new z visa, those release documents are also needed. They are recommendation letter, release letter and cancellation letter of the Foreign Expert Certificate in certain forms.

Shanghai is very strict about this, maybe some other cities also require those documents. Therefore, my suggestion is requesting all the release documents once you leave a school. Those documents are really important and helpful for you to find TESOL jobs in the future. However, if you left a school for more than one year, it will be very difficult to request any document from your previous employer.

As long as you want to work in Shanghai and want a z visa, it’s better to collect the three release documents.