Some thoughts on demo class


At present, there are more and more Chinese training institutions, so more and more foreign teachers are teaching English in China. However, many schools require foreign teachers to do a demo class before teaching. There is nothing wrong with this. It is understandable that a demo class can show teachers’ teaching styles and abilities. However, there will be an audition class afterwards. This is a trial class that is often used to recruit students and promote renewal of students. This demo class is very important for most schools. Therefore, schools often attaches great importance to it. They will make full preparations in advance with foreign teachers and teaching assistants and conduct rehearsals, etc., because many students and parents will come to the school at that time. The demo class will decide the students whether to register or continue to study there. But this also trigger my thoughts on it.


First of all, schools are know the importance of the demo class, they will urge foreign teachers and teaching assistants to actively and seriously prepare. Consequently, the demo class is in very high quality and it is very passionate and interactive. The students’ emotions can be stimulated so that the children can learn in various cheering and interesting games. Therefore, after the demo class, students and parents all feel that the foreign teacher’s class is very good and satisfactory. After that, they will register and renew their fees. However, what we need to consider here is that the demo class is demonstrated through full and active preparation. The school attaches great importance to it. However, once it returns to normal and daily teaching,  will the quality of each lesson be the same as that of the demo class? This may cause everyone’s thinking. Of course, we cannot claim that every lesson is like a demo class, because of different courses, different knowledge points of study and different levels of students’ English proficiency. It is also somewhat impractical to make such requirements for schools and foreign teachers. What we need to think about is that if the demo class should be the same as a daily class or not. If it is a well-prepared class, it will surely arouse the child’s liking. However, returning to the usual class, depending on the course and the school’s requirements, it is not possible for all of classes  are like demo classes.And at this time, students will experience a certain degree of heart change. Even more seriously, students will feel tired of study. Since we can make every daily class like a demo class, then can we give a demo class that is the same style as daily class rather than elaborate? A demo class is very much like the packaging of a product. it can cause consumers’ desire to buy.But if the package quality of goods, quality and packaging promotion are much lower than expected, then it is estimated that this product will not be long-term sell well.


Having finished the demo class on the relevant aspects of the school and students, let’s talk about the foreign teachers. Will one or two demo classes allow foreign teachers to show their true level? Can they demonstrate their proper performance? First of all, under the emphasis of the school, foreign teachers are sure to actively prepare for the demo class. In most cases, the performance of the demo class will be very good. They will be recognized by students and parents, and schools will also hire foreign teachers. However, after that, foreign teachers may get familiar with the course, they will relying on their own experience and will not actively prepare lessons.The quality of class will be less than that of the demo class. This is a factor that makes many schools think that the foreign teacher is not suitable for the latter period. It is not that the foreign teacher is not good at class as before. It is the degree of attention that schools pay to demo class and ordinary lesson led to the foreign teachers’ attitude towards these two classes. On the other hand, some foreign teachers have a lot of teaching experience, but their inner quality is not very good. This situation will lead to the fact that the foreign teacher’s demo lesson is not very good, and the response is positive. However, in later teaching, with the familiarity of the course and psychological adjustment, it will gradually become better and better. There are also many schools saying that some of their foreign teachers are becoming more and more suitable for their schools. They will be happy for this. To a large extent. because of the high-pressure demo class at the beginning, it made some foreign teachers who don’t have good psychological qualities can’t show their proper level in class. However, with the increase of subsequent courses, psychological adjustment, they gradually showed a wealth of teaching experience and good teaching ability.


Obviously, foreign teachers have a leading role in teaching. Their performance decides the quality of each class. So for those who are teaching in China or going to work as ESL teachers abroad, treat each of your classes well if you are a real educator.