Responsibilities of a teacher esl


Many teacher who do teacher esl are wondering what they need to do besides teaching. The responsibilities are varying depending on the type of school. But no matter what kind of school you are working in ,the basic responsibities of a teacher esl is to prepare lesson plans and teach English. The lessons may include oral English, grammar, listening, writing amd reading. The purpose of teacher esl is to help the learners communicate in English effectively.

When you work as a teacher esl in a trainig center, in addition to the basic resposibilities, you are also expect to provide assistance such as counseling for students and supervising test and exams and giving level tests. Furthermore, the teacher esl shall attend an orientation, training program, and staff meetings and prepare for their classes as required. In some schools, the teacher esl is also required to interview new students and evaluate their placement level. It’s a must to give Demo class to clients and students if necessary.But there will be demo bonus.

In public schools such as primary, middle and high schools, the teacher esl is sometimes also requested to attend staff meetings. They also ned to keep attandance records. For public schools, they always provide teaching materials and textbooks. The teachers should follow the curriculum. And at the end of a semester, the teacher esl also need to give tests. It needs to be a standardized test.

If you are teaching in private companies, you need to develop curriculum that meets the company’s objectives. The purpose fr the employees to study English is to make them better perfom their job duties. So your classes must adhere to the company’s working objectives.