Problems that Foreigners Might Meet While Teaching English in China


We are not sure when China has more and more foreigners begin to teach, and most of them are teaching English in China, they have a lot of teaching experience, from the math, Physics, chemistry to literature, history and etc. The purpose is to send the students to study abroad. In my opinion, most of the foreign teachers that are teaching in international schools are professional teachers. However, the main purpose of the school is to teach oral English to students.There is a problem that teaching English in China is different from teaching in their own countries. First of all, starting from China’s national conditions, because China is a populous country, a public school in China usually has a class of fifty or sixty students, but in western countries, the population is very small, so they handle a dozen or 20 students. Therefore, some foreign teachers can not adapt to China’s such a large class teaching, Chinese teachers should be patient to explain to foreign teachers, and tell them China’s classroom situation is basically the case. Try to help them to mobilize the entire classroom active atmosphere. There is no other way, all teachers are facing this situation.

In addition, there is a problem that some foreign teachers just graduated and teaching English in China, these foreign teachers are very young, and in China, junior high schools don’t allow students to have love relationship with teachers. If the foreign teachers feel that students have this tendency, try to build prestige before them and reduce the chance of individual contact, to avoid this phenomenon.

One more thing is that the oral English level of Chinese student is very low, Chinese students simply do not understand what foreign teachers say. Foreign teachers should explain things in short and more slowly. Students need some time to adapt to. The purpose of foreign teachers is to provide English teachers with zero English learning environment, so that students can speak English and communicate with foreigners. Foreign teachers should be patient and confident in them.