Problems in the Process of Searching Tefl Jobs


Nowadays, many teachers are looking for tefl jobs. But there are some problems that they need to face while in search for tefl jobs.

First, some teachers come to China for their “love”. that’s is to say, their girlfriend/boyfriend is in China. then the location of the partners matters a lot in their choice of tefl jobs. However, if they focus on a certain location, their salary will be limited. If the partner is in a big modern city, then there is no much difference in salary, but if he/she is in a rural area, then the salary there will be a large difference.And if the qualifications of the teacher can’t get a higher salary from the school, this problem will be more obvious.

Second is visa. Working visa is the only legal visa to do tefl jobs in China. But to get a working visa is not an easy thing. On one hand, foreign teachers need to have necessary documents such as a bachelor degree. However, not all the teachers have a degree. So this is a problem. On the other hand, even if foreign teachers have necessary documents, schools may not have the qualifications to hire foreign teachers. Even if both requirements are met, there may be another problem. Some schools are unwilling to extend the visa near the end of the contract, so they have to find another school. The time limit for transferring visa may affect the salary and package they can get.

Another point is the search for tefl jobs can be restricted by various factors, especially for race and education background. On one hand, schools are not looking for qualified teachers only, they are looking for white native teachers. So this makes non-native teachers and non-white raced teachers hard to find tefl jobs. On the other hand, some schools are looking for not only oral English teachers, but subject teachers like math, physics, etc. They will have higher demand for qualifications and experiences. So to get good tefl jobs is not as easy as before.