Openings of ESOL Teaching Jobs in Private Language Training Centers


English is becoming a common language in the world. Quite a few Chinese students have started learning English when they attend kindergarten. However, public schools couldn’t satisfy current English study situation. All kinds of language training centers emerged at the right moment. To improve the English study environment, foreign teachers become a necessity for the training centers, which creates a lot of openings of ESOL teaching jobs.

If you are open to teach in any type of school, you will have more options. Private language training centers are liked by those who prefer to have a more free style teaching in a smaller class. If you don’t mind teaching in the early evenings or at weekends, training centers could be an option. They are offering higher pay to attract more qualified foreign teachers. Since some foreigners prefer a normal schedule with weekends plus paid vacations. That might be an advantage of public schools, but the general pay is not that high, only 10,000-13,000rmb before tax. For training centers, it could vary from 10,000rmb to 18,000rmb before tax. The advantage of training centers is that the class is more casual and interesting, the students in each class are fewer. So it’s easier to control and interact with the students.

I think telling a school by its type or nature is not advisable. Since a lot of training centers are open in the whole China, it’s not reasonable to decide one type of training center is good or bad according to the comments from other foreign teachers on the website. There are good centers in other cities, there may be some centers that don’t honor the contract. Please do not hold prejudice on training centers just because you saw a bad comment somewhere. We do have some good comments from our foreign teachers. We will not contact schools that don’t honor the contract.

Finally, considering the big openings of ESOL teaching jobs in training centers, I suggest you give you yourself an opportunity to know more about them and also give them an opportunity to show their advantage. You will find something amazing!