Notes of Coming to Teach in China


Foreigners, actually ESL teachers should be well prepared to teach in China once they decide, especially ready to learn and accept Chinese traditional culture and the culture shock. China is great and has various people and culture. It’s not easy to have a full understanding in a short time. However, don’t worry too much and don’t feel too pressed. Chinese people welcome you and will help you know better about them and adapt to the big environment.

What’s more, about the way of find a teaching job, please find the standard registered company who is honest and has abundant experience in finding teaching positions for foreigners. Normal agents don’t charge from foreigners for finding jobs, and won’t deduct from their monthly salary.

Before coming, ESL teachers should bring the necessities like personal computer, driver license, textbooks or other teaching materials, which are probably useful during your stay in China. Some fast food or daily goods might be necessary as well, since you might feel not comfortable to have Chinese dishes at the beginning. Though schools will try to help you settle and satisfy your needs, it’s still necessary to be fully prepared for everything.

After z-visa holders arrive in China, they have 30 days to process the resident permit, otherwise, they will be fined. Before it expires, foreigners should request the employer to help extend in order to continue working in the school.