Never give up the opportunity to teach English in China!


Some readers may get confused that why it’s “teach English” not other jobs and why it’s China not other countries.


First, let’s talk about teaching English in China. How easy you can get the job!

I could not think of another job that is easier to get for foreigners other than teaching English in China.  As long as you can speak fluent English, you can get a job offer for teaching English in China.  And the length of the contract for teaching English in China is at least one year, which is good for the ESL teachers to learn well about China. I have to say that one-year is not long, but may be enough for you to explore the local.

Generally, the workload is no more than 40 hours a week. And sometimes it’s only 20 hours for some schools. Then, you get plenty of time to wander around. When you are wandering around, you may find many business opportunities with your great sense of business. I have some foreign friends who have started their own business when they are teaching English in China.  However, if you don’t come to China, you’ll never find out what you can do here.


Second, let’s discuss the question why it’s China not other countries.  I have convinced many ESL teachers coming to teach English in China. How? It’s definitely not easy.

You can get almost everything that you want to get from other counties and get many surprised that you can’t get from other countries.

First, China is a big country. There is always a city that meets your preference about weather and environment. The food varies from city to city, which you always can find something that you like. The culture is also different from cities, which really attract some foreigners.  The nature views are different too. There are many cities with great nature views, such as Kunming, Guilin. If you are a hiker or nature lover, China is one of the best options for you.  You’ll never get bored.

Second, China is a growing country. Chinese dream has become one of the reasons that foreigners come to China. There are many opportunities waiting for the people who has prepared.   As I mentioned before, I have two friends who has started their own businesses. One is to build a shoe design company.  The other one works with recruiting agency and helps recruiting agency to recruit ESL teachers from his country.  As far as I know, there are many ESL teachers started their own business after they finished their one-year contract.  The most successful one that I know is an ESL teacher who had worked in China as an ESL teacher for three years. Then, he started his own agency in China, recruiting ESL teachers from other English speaking country to China.  He did the agency for another three years. Then, he turned his business to English school. He has created his own brand of English training center.  And it’s expanding in China.

Third, teaching English in China is a great and valuable experience for you.  Since China has become the biggest economic entity in the world, more and more exporting and importing companies take the work experience in China as an important factor when they are hiring.  Many ESL teachers has informed me that their teaching experience in China has really helped them get a job in their own countries, after they got back to their own countries. However, most ESL teachers are willing to come back to China after they has returned to their own countries.

Fourth, teacher is a respected and knowledgeable job in China. In Chinese culture, teacher has been defined as the maker of students’ soul.  Students, parents and the society show great respect to teachers.  Students in class follow their teachers’ rules, which is really different from western countries.  In Chinese class, you don’t see many discussions. Most of the time, it’s asking and answering. And the students are keeping quietly.  Therefore, you can tell how proud and respected to be a teacher in China.  Many foreigners tell me that this is one of the reasons that they would like to return to China to teach not go to other countries.

Fifth, you can learn Mandarin when you are teaching English in China. Since ESL teachers have to stay in one place for one year to complete the contract, they get many opportunities to communicate with local people and colleagues.  And this is the best and fastest way to learn a language. Plus, most of the time it’s free too. As we all know, Mandarin is the most people spoken language in the world.  Chinese business has also went aboard and been expanded all over the world.  If you can speak Mandarin, then you have more opportunities to get a job.  Nowadays, more and more people join the term to learn Mandarin. And more and more people are proud to be a zhong guo tong.

Sixth, China is a safe country.  I haven’t said it’s 100% safe. You may get robbed or cheated sometimes, but definitely not something that can hurt you deadly, if you don’t do something bad. I have written an article about the safety in China, please check it out for the safety tips that ESL teachers should know, which can keep you safer here.

 Seventh, China has over 5,000 years history with many outstanding moments. Today, there are still many historical sites available around China.  ESL teachers can use their spare time to travel around China and visit those historical sites.  Chinese cultural also attracts more and foreigners to come to China every year.  Travelling needs a lot of money. Why not take a job as teaching English in China, if you get an opportunity?


In conclusion, with the rapidly developing of China, the experience of teaching English in China has become more and more valuable. There are also more and more opportunities for ESL teachers. Why not come to teaching English in China and give yourself a try here? Then, China may give you back a big surprise.